What is Cartogram?

Cartogram’s sophisticated indoor map management system is the best indoor mapping system on the market. Our innovative user interface and the depth and breadth of our features make it useful for indoor map explorers and business owners alike.

Key Features

We designed Cartogram to be a useful tool for app-based interactions between business and their customers. The benefits of Cartogram can be split into these two categories: Business-based map management and user features:

Indoor Map Content Management

  • Live indoor maps with scheduled visibility of labels and icons on the floors of your choice
  • Deep Zoom and Custom Zoom features reveal elements at certain zoom levels showing only relevant content
  • Manage your indoor map from phone or tablet
  • Drag-and-drop content management
  • Waypoint management
  • Instant content updates
  • Add beacons right from the app
  • Indoor floor-plan editor

User Features

  • Get directions
  • Navigate indoors (requires beacons)
  • Indoor search
  • View nearby indoor maps
  • Time Machine — see how maps look over time
  • Share indoor location with friends
  • Message nearby users
  • Indoor positioning and navigation (requires beacons)
  • Never leave Google Maps

Find things indoors with live, interactive, searchable maps!