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Shopping Will Never Be The Same Again

What should shopping really be like?

Spending hours at three or four stores searching for just the right outfit? Finding a great shirt online only to discover that, after 30 minutes of driving, parking and walking that the shirt is actually out of stock?

Definitely not.

Here’s what shopping would look like in a perfect world.

You show up at the mall with phone in hand. After spending weeks infatuated with a striped red sweater you saw on Silicon Valley, you want to buy one. Now. In the moment.

So, you open an app on your phone and search in-stock red sweaters. The app gives you several results, each with the current price. You find the perfect match and when you tap it, the app gives you step by step directions to the store that houses your sought-after sweater.

That’s the perfect shopping experience. And guess what? Cartogram is the only app in the world that does everything we just described. Our secret? Product Search.

Don’t believe us?

We embrace your skepticism, and that’s why we recently did a demo at The Bellevue Collection.

One day we received an email from someone named Jessica who wanted to know if Cartogram’s app kept accurate numbers of what’s in stock.

Our business development expert Davis Johnson did a live demo of two searches to help Jessica see how Product Search works : one for that Earth-shattering red sweater and one for a blue shirt.


As you can see, Cartogram’s Product Search feature is pretty sharp. We’ve got a dedicated team updating product information to make sure you don’t waste time searching for something that isn’t actually in the store.

Our app is the only one on the market that allows you to search for products, see their prices and availability, then be directed to the store from wherever you are in the mall.

So, stop by our YouTube channel and check out a video that explains more about what Cartogram can do. It will help you understand a little more about what we do. If you want to learn more or have questions, send us an email!

New Reviews! What Tech Sites are Saying About Cartogram’s Indoor Maps

Cartogram’s indoor maps help you find things indoors.

We hand-craft maps for venues all across the country. Sounds a little bit like Google, doesn’t it? There are a lot of similarities between the indoor maps they make and the ones we create.

However, there’s one huge difference. You can access our maps, navigate them, send your location to other people and search venues for items you want to buy.

Here’s a simpler way to put it: Google’s indoor maps are frozen, ours are alive. Think of what we do as bringing Hans Solo out of his cryogenic freeze.


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A Look Back (In Photos) at CES 2016

We took a team of five to Las Vegas this year to promote Cartogram at CES 2016.

Going into the show, our CES page was consistently getting top-75 traffic. So, we knew there was a good chance we’d be talking with tons of people about what we do, why we do it and our plans for where we want to take Cartogram.

And trust us, we did. Our entire team — Will, Ron, Davis, Gregory and Jeremy —  spent hours sharing our story and our product, while at the same time enjoying the pure excitement that is CES.

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