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Beacons: Finding the Best Match for Your Indoor Map

We like our indoor maps a lot, but, we have to admit, they can get a little lonely sometimes.

That’s why we recommend throwing them a little love by purchasing beacons to pair up with your Cartogram indoor map. The implications of beacons for marketing and the customer experience are huge (more on that in a later post…).

To put it simply, you can use beacons to compile important data about your customers as well as enhance your customers’ experience by offering location-based promotions and product placement.

Buying a beacon is easier said than done, of course. There are dozens of choices on the market, so Googling “beacons” and picking the first result isn’t always the best choice.

Rather than leave you to the varied and often confusing world beacons, we decided to craft a series of reviews about some of the better beacons on the market and some of the not-so-amazing ones.

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Why Static Indoor Maps Only Tell Half the Story

Life is exciting.

It’s the reason we prefer carnivals over graveyards and (most of the time) a night out with friends instead of an early bedtime.

We want to feel alive, like we’re part of something that’s moving, growing and unfolding.

The idea that active moments and places are more interesting than their static counterparts¬†is why our indoor maps are so fascinating. Let’s put this in perspective through, for example, a mall.

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Bringing Indoor Maps To Life With “What’s Happening Now”

There’s a certain appeal to a dynamic entity, isn’t there?

We seem to have a natural inclination to live events. When given the choice to listen to our favorite band at home on our Bluetooth speakers or at their next concert in our city, we’ll most likely choose the live event over the recorded one.

Franz Ferdinand, Live Indoor Maps

Why? Because there’s a certain energy and magic about unfolding events that an audio file can’t give us.

The same philosophy is at play with indoor maps and indoor positioning systems. Static maps of a certain location are necessary, but the user experience is enhanced in tremendous ways. Think of static maps as half of the story.

The other half? Dynamic, minute-by-minute features which transform a static map into a living schematic of a particular location’s events.

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