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Cartogram and the Green Sports Alliance Summit: Big News!

Houston is a major American sports hub.

The Astros (MLB), Rockets (NBA) and Dynamo (MLS) all compete in some pretty amazing sports venues, and each place is a testament to the city’s dedication to providing a sustainable, captivating sports experience.

So, when we had the chance to attend this year’s Green Sports Alliance (GSA) Summit at the Houston Astros’ Minute Maid Park., it was an easy choice. Our founder Will Clausen and business development manager Davis Johnson represented the company.

First…the Big News: 2017 GSA Summit Will Be at Cartogram-Enabled Venue

One of our favorite moments at the GSA Summit came when Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson took the podium at a Wednesday morning session and announced the 2017 summit would take place at the Sacramento KingsGolden 1 Center (G1C).

Green Sports Alliance Summit 2017

G1C is a big deal for Cartogram because earlier this year we signed a contract with the Kings to become their exclusive indoor services provider, which means they’ll integrate our solutions into their team app to enhance their fans’ experience.

While Mayor Johnson didn’t mention us by name, he  pointed out that Kings fans will know wait times for concession stands and restrooms, which is something we designed for them.

“The big highlight with Kevin Johnson’s announcements is that the said you can have wait times for restrooms, which was pretty awesome.,” Davis said after the summit. “From that, it was really easy to start discussions about who we are. ”

The Bigger Context: How Cartogram Fits Into Sustainable Sports Venues

Mayor Johnson went on to talk about how G1C will be the first major sports venue to source all of its energy from solar power, how it is designed to be drought friendly and how 90% of the stadium’s food offerings will be farm-to-table.

Sacramento Kings, NBA

G1C is on the leading edge of a sustainable fan experience, which is why it’s the perfect setting for the 2017 GSA Summit. But the big question is, What part does Cartogram play in sustainable sports venues? 

To answer that question, we have to step back from our role and look at sustainable venues from a broad perspective. A unique, trend-setting venue like G1C is more than just a place to watch sports — it’s an entertainment experience from the time you pull out of your driveway to the time you pull in.

Infused in that experience is the G1C narrative — a sustainable stadium with amazing aspects you won’t see anywhere else. The solar power, the drought-friendly advancements that will save 2 million gallons of water a year, the farm-to-table food. It’s all really fantastic stuff. But how do you get fans to buy into that and to immerse themselves in the Kings culture of captivating, sustainable fan experiences? That’s where Cartogram comes in.

Cartogram’s Indoor Location Services Get Fans in the Arena

We add features to a team’s app that make fans feel like they’re in a one-of-a-kind setting that they can’t experience anywhere else. Through our development, Kings fans will be able to know what wait times are at concession stands and bathrooms. They’ll get wayfinding features that take them from the parking garage to their seat.

All of these features make fans want to come to G1C. Once they’re in the arena, they get to experience the sustainability narrative and they become immersed in what makes the Kings a one-of-a-kind, amazing organization.

Simply put, Cartogram’s indoor location services get people to the arena and make them want to do it again and again. When fans are in the arena, organizations can share the message of sustainability. Fans buy in and the organization grows its fan base. In the end, the message of sustainability goes out to tens of thousands of people. The team wins. The fans win. The city wins.

*Kings photo courtesy of Lisa Nottingham, Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

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