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New Reviews! What Tech Sites are Saying About Cartogram’s Indoor Maps

Cartogram’s indoor maps help you find things indoors.

We hand-craft maps for venues all across the country. Sounds a little bit like Google, doesn’t it? There are a lot of similarities between the indoor maps they make and the ones we create.

However, there’s one huge difference. You can access our maps, navigate them, send your location to other people and search venues for items you want to buy.

Here’s a simpler way to put it: Google’s indoor maps are frozen, ours are alive. Think of what we do as bringing Hans Solo out of his cryogenic freeze.


The technology behind all this can be pretty detailed, but all you really need to know is that we’ve put in tons of time and effort into making your indoor exploration as easy as possible.

The things you can do with our apps are pretty amazing. They turn a visit to the mall or a stadium into a live, second-by-second experience. If you want to read more about how that works, check out this post we wrote a few months ago.

Beyond Cartogram: What Android Reviewers Think About Our Indoor Maps

Over the past few months, Cartogram has appeared in several different sponsored reviews on popular Android websites. The feedback has been fantastic and people are downloading our app more than they ever have before.

Here’s what some of those reviews are saying about what we do… (@Androidandme)

As we mentioned a few minutes ago, the average end-user equates Cartogram’s indoor maps with Google Maps. The difference between the two is functionality.

“Lacking in most maps applications, though, is any guidance once you get to your desired location,” Adam wrote. “Cartogram is a mapping app  that aims to solve this with its detailed layouts of buildings and searchable indoor maps.”

Adam went on to talk about the tutorial we’ve included in the app, the search function that helps you find stores and products within stores, as well as your ability to share your with friends.

Our favorite part was where Adam pointed out that Cartogram’s Product Search let’s shoppers compare prices on a product, helping them pinpoint where the cheapest option is.

“I don’t know about you, but the less time I can spend trailing around the mall, the better,” Adam wrote, “and I can imagine how much more efficient this could make my shopping trips.” (@AskYourAndroid)

Adam wasn’t the only one who praised Product Search. AskYourAndroid was pretty excited about it, too. AYA did their homework on this one — they dug into the details of why Product Search makes Cartogram so much more than a map app:

“Each product can be further filtered according to their price, size, color, and stores that also have them,” they wrote. “You can even do a manual search of the product that you want, and once it has located a store that sells it, the app would proceed to pinpoint its location on the map and even provide a navigational guide for you.”


This is a pretty big deal, especially if you’re in a new city and you don’t know your way around the local mall, for example. Those map kiosks that show you store-by-number layouts are handy, but just finding them can be a frustrating experience.

So, imagine yourself in Seattle for the first time. You head out to the Bellevue Mall during some down time. You don’t know where anything is. It’s a little overwhelming. Enter Cartogram.

Within a  few seconds, you can get your bearings, search a product or store and get directions to wherever you want to go. No wandering around. No time wasted looking for a map.

Like Ask Your Android said, Cartogram’s features “have great synergy with each other, especially if you are already on a trip and are trying to navigate through a locale that you are highly unfamiliar with.”

How Can Cartogram Benefit Me?

Our indoor maps app empowers you; that’s the best way to describe it. You can walk into a venue, store or mall and know exactly where everything is. You don’t have to search a mall map for your store, then find the corresponding coordinate on a map.

All you have to do is open the Cartogram app, type in the name of the store you want, and then it’s done. In just a few seconds, we help you find things indoors.

To learn more about our indoor maps app, stop by our Google Play page. You can read reviews from your fellow users and find out more about what our indoor maps can do.

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