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The Challenges We Face: Awesome Startup Advice from 3 Entrepreneurs at GeekWire’s Startup Day

This past week we had the chance to showcase Cartogram at GeekWire‘s Startup Day 2016 in Bellevue.

It was great to talk with fellow startups in the Seattle area; the creativity and drive energized us.

Startup Challenges

During Startup Day, GeekWire went around to each of the 20 companies in attendance and asked them the following questions: What is the biggest challenge in running a startup?

Cartogram, Geekwire Startup Day, Indoor Maps
Davis breaking down Cartogram for the GeekWire Startup Day 2016 crowd.

There were some amazing responses in that article. Here’s a link to the full article: “The struggle is real: 20 startups weigh in on their biggest challenges“.

We wanted to highlight a few of our favorites, including what our business development manager Davis said.

Setting Yourself Apart

When asked what he thought the biggest challenge of running a startup is, Davis replied, “Showing the differences that your company can offer when there are other companies in the same space.”

That’s always the difficult part of being in a competitive environment, right? We think we’ve done an excellent job of setting ourselves apart, though. The ease with which you can edit your venue’s maps, along with product searches, NearView capability and navigation are just a few of Cartogram’s strengths.

And we’d like to think we have a pretty dynamic team that mixes innovation, determination and experience:

  • Sandeep Singhal, our chief advisor, leads Microsoft’s Bing Maps operation.
  • Gary Rubens, one of our board members, brings to the table his experience as a VP at Lowe’s.
  • Davis has been specializing in customer development for more than a decade.

Of course, Startup Day was more than just Cartogram. There were 19 other businesses there with leaders who are just as hungry for innovation and growth as we are.

Building a Great Team

Each company had a chance to answer the question Davis answered.

We really like what Robodub founder Parminder Devsi said. We’re not going to take the whole quote from the story, but, basically, he pointed out that a big challenge is building a team who believes in what you’re doing.

“All you have is the idea and the people who believe,” he said.

We couldn’t have said it any better than that, and it reminds us of how fortunate we are to have a strong team committed to Cartogram.

Staying Tough

Crafting your own business and implementing your objectives isn’t always easy … any startup founder will tell you that. There will be seasons of tremendous strain, where every corner seems like its fraught with annoying hurdles.

As annoying as they are, though, you’ve got to figure it out. Or, as Dan Bloom, the co-founder of fellow Startup Day company Slope, told GeekWire, “When everything is working against you … you’ve just gotta survive.”

Looking Ahead…

Startup Day was our second big event this year. The first one was our trip to Las Vegas for CES 2016. It was an incredible experience for us. We connected with so many people interested in what Cartogram does.

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