How Cartogram’s Indoor Maps Will Make Life Easier at PRO Sports Club: Part Two

A few weeks ago we had a chance to talk with PRO Sports Club’s CIO,  Steve Buxton. We talked a little shop with him and asked why he chose Cartogram’s indoor maps for his 272,000-square-foot facility.

Steve had plenty to say, so we split into two posts our interview with him. Click here to read the first part.

PRO Sports Club & Cartogram Indoor Maps: Part Two

So Why Did Steve Go With Cartogram When He Already Has a Mobile Site?

We were curious to know why Steve went with our indoor maps app if PRO Sports Club already has a decent mobile app. Can’t members just go to the site to find out where things are and what’s happening?

“Websites are static and I’ve got  widest, broadest demographic spectrum you could possibly have. What we found was that you can’t be something to everybody with all the diversity of members we have,” Steve said. “You only have about a 25% success rate in directing people to where they need to go.”

Steve Buxton, PRO Sports Club, Cartogram indoor maps

Cartogram’s indoor maps will allow members to search for specific events or activities interest them. If they search “racketball” (or racquetball and rakcetblal, for that matter), they’ll get results showing exactly where the courts are and what events are happening. And, they’ll get live directions on how to get there.

“Cartogram is going to give us a way to offer our members everything we have to offer, where it’s at and when it’s taking place,” Steve said.

Last but Not Least…Steve’s Guide for When You Need to Collaborate with Cartogram

Not every business faces the same issues as PRO Sports Club. But that doesn’t mean Cartogram’s effectiveness is limited to giant buildings and huge companies.

So, let’s say Andrea owns a health and wellness shop in a mall in Austin, Texas. She’s curious about how indoor maps and beacon technology can help her boost her business.

Well, Andrea, Steve’s got some advice.

“I think the first thing I’d want to know is what problem are you trying to solve,” Steve said. “If you aren’t clear on the problem, I wouldn’t use indoor maps.”

But let’s say Andrea does know her problem…customers don’t seemed that engaged with her store and if they pop in, the bounce rate is really high. They look at one item, then they leave.

“If you want to empower your customers, to find out what they want, where they want it and also reduce labor in the process, then, yes, you need to think about indoor maps,” Steve said. Here’s a list of other advantages for business owners that Steve told us about:

  • Use the data you gather from your customers to influence what shows up on your digital signage at certain times during the day.
  • Promote sales and featured products to customers as soon as they walk through the door.
  • Allow customers to identify a product and pay for it with just a few taps.
  • Alert people of emergencies taking place in your store or the stores around you (ideal for bigger facilities like malls, schools and mutli-level businesses.

“I think Cartogram is the perfect tool if you’re looking to do one of those things,” Steve said.

Fitness Room, PRO Sports Club, Cartogram Indoor Maps

The Non-Screwball Factor

When you’re dealing with a business of any size, the last thing you want is to waste money on technology you thought would help you but created more headaches than it did advantages.

Steve was also pretty vocal about what he calls, “screwballs”; those shifty startups who hype their product but never follow through or deliver a terrible product.

“Cartogram has excellent follow through. They have the forethought and the intelligence to predict problems you don’t even think about,” Steve said. “They’re not one of those screwball startups. In my world, being a reliable resource is huge.

Find Out More About Indoor Maps

It’s been a pleasure for us to work with Steve and PRO Sports Club. We see great things ahead for our partnership.

If you’d like to know more about how Cartogram works and how it could help you business double customer engagement, sign up for one of our free demos.

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