How Cartogram’s Indoor Maps Will Make Life Easier At PRO Sports Club: Part One

Let’s play some trivia.

Private gym PRO Sports Club’s Bellevue (Wash.) location is one of the biggest gym facilities in the state. How many square feet does it house?

If you answered 10,000 square feet, you’re waaaaay off.

50,000? Try again.

100,000? Not even close.


Yep; 272,000 square feet of offices, cafes, meeting rooms, workout rooms, equipment rooms, sports rooms and just about any fitness-related room you could think of. That’s a crazy amount of space.


Steve Buxton, head of information services at PRO Sports club, remembers the first time he walked into the facility.

“PRO Sports Club is huge. I’d been in big places and been in big facilities before and nothing compares to this,” he said during an interview this week. “When someone told me this place was huge I took it with a grain of salt. When I started having to navigate my way around the hallways and going to events, I realized what they were talking about.”

Wait…Why PRO Sports Club’s Steve Buxton?

Steve is featured in our blog today because we’re now working together to create an effective, efficient indoor positioning system for his club. All 272,000 square feet of it.

As you can imagine, using indoor maps in such a huge facility is almost a necessity.

New customers were complaining that the building was so big it was hard to find their way around. Old customers were having a hard to knowing what kind of events were happening and where.

The club is also part of the Microsoft (right across the street) employee wellness package. Every year, new hires flood into the gym.

Weight Room, PRO Sports Club, Cartogram Indoor Maps

“They’re just instantly overwhelmed. There’s just too much to see,” Steve said. Just the cost of doing business in a profitable, massive private gym, right? Well, Steve didn’t want to pay the price. “In the old days, you’d give them a paper map and help them find stuff,” Steve said. “The Cartogram world gives us the ability to provide a map or path to different places by searching within the app.”

Why Steve Chose Cartogram’s Indoor Maps & IPS Over the Competition

Steve is an important guy. He runs information services for a huge, huge building with 800 employees and 5,000 members coming through the doors every day.

Entrepreneurs in the area know how big Steve’s sphere of influence is, especially the ones who are creating apps for indoor positioning systems.

“I get about 10-12 developers a year that want to run their ideas across our plate. I thought Will (Cartogram’s founder) was just another courageous entrepreneur,” Steve said. “But he was persistent. I could see his drive, intelligence, poise and articulation. His understanding of our problem was far more spot on than any of the other up-and-coming entrepreneurs and problem solvers I’d met with before.”

CrossFit @ PRO Sports Club, Indoor Maps, Cartogram

So Many Possibilities for Enhancing the Customer and Employee Experience

Steve instantly saw the value in Cartogram’s indoor maps product. There were three big benefits, in his opinion.

Customer interactions will go from average to amazing

So, a customer is getting out of his car on the top level of PRO Sports Club’s 4-story parking garage.

As he walks toward the stairs, he gets a notification: “Two spots left at 2 p.m. in our spa. Regular $125, last two spots are $95.” Okay, that sounds interesting, he thinks. A few taps later and he’s bought and reserved his spot at the spa. And he hasn’t even gotten to the ground floor of the garage.

After his spa session, the customer heads to his spin class. After 30 minutes of intense pedaling, he walks out of the class. A new notification pops up: smoothies from the cafe are 50% for the next 10 minutes.

Cafe, PRO Sports Club, Cartogram Indoor Maps

The customer taps the offer and orders the smoothie to pick up after he’s done with his shower. That’s the magic of Cartogram…that’s what we’re talking about when we say that indoor maps help your business come alive, to become dynamic instead of static.

Employee onboarding will be streamlined

Steve likened a new employee’s experience at PRO Sports Club to a new employee’s experience at Disneyland.

“Imagine starting in Disneyland and finding your way through the underground pathways,” he said. “When you first start here, it’s all a blur. That’s how it was for me.”

Through Cartogram, Steve can create a map of his facility that will include every manager’s office with metadata that includes the manager’s name, position and photo.

Plus, he said, training security personnel will be a much cheaper process. Instead of using one employee to do a one-hour tour for every new employee, he’ll be able to create a tour in Cartogram that will take half the time and save the company the roughly $20,000 it spent in man hours to lead tours.

Business intelligence will increase

These days, information services and marketing are inseparable. You can’t really have an effective marketing plan if you don’t have the right data about your customers.

Steve Buxton, PRO Sports Club, Cartogram indoor maps

“From my perspective as the IT director, the BI data we’ll get will tell us what our traffic patterns are and when customers are coming in,” he said. “If I can tell the head of marketing that, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., let’s say, most members walking past our digital signage are new mothers dropping their kids off at day care, we can tailor our signage content to them.”

Part Two is Coming!

Steve has plenty of things to say about the advantages of Cartogram indoor maps (and indoor maps in general) for businesses. Some of the areas he pointed out are customer interaction and data gathering.

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