How Cartogram Makes Shopping Convenient

We love how Cartogram can make it easy to navigate a mall, airport or convention center. But there’s one aspect of our app that we think you’ll love. We’re going to illustrate it through the fictional life of Jane.

Looking for Lipstick & Body Lotion

Jane just entered a shopping mall. She has a few things on her shopping list – lipstick, a purse and body lotion.

Jane knows her favorite stores in the mall but they’re not always the cheapest places to shop. This time, she wants to do some comparison shopping and get a good deal.

Cartogram can help Jane find exactly what she wants through our “Product Seach” feature.

Product Search:
Finding What You Want

Jane can use Cartogram’s “Product Search” to type in the item she’s looking for. She’ll receive a list of items and, as you’ll see later, directions on how to get the store they’re in as well as pricing and comparisons.

So, let’s try the first item on Jane’s list: “lipstick”.



The search yields two hits on the results page: Liptropolis and Sinner. But Jane isn’t impressed. She wants to know where these lipsticks are located. So…




…she taps Liptropolis and gets a popup window on the mall map that shows the lipstick is available at Nordstrom for $29.07 and, most likely, it’s in stock.




Jane’s pretty happy with the results, but she’s not sure about Liptropolis. She wants to know more so she taps on Liptropolis to get a product description and a magnified photo of the lipstick.

Jane’s ready to make the Liptropolis leap, but for some reason she doesn’t remember how to get to Nordstrom and she doesn’t want to wander around trying to find a mall directory. So…




…she taps on the Directions button (right arrow) located on the product location popup and instantly gets directions from her current location to Nordstrom.

This is a good thing for Jane because her sense of direction can be fleeting and she’s been known to get lost in more than one mall.


Jane likes Liptropolis, but there’s a problem … $29.07 is a little more than what she wanted to pay. So, she searches lipstick again and taps the “More” button in the search results.

Cartogram generates a list of other lipsticks in the mall whose prices are much more reasonable. She decides on Forever 21’s Creamy Lipstick, gets directions and is paying for her product within minutes.


With her Forever 21 lipstick in the bag, Jane does a search for “body lotion”.




With fall on its way, Bath and Body Work’s brown sugar and fig lotion sounds like a good combination. Jane taps on the body lotion and then gets directions to Bath and Body Works.

Two products, a few taps and a few minutes of walking and she has everything she needs.

A Win-Win For Shoppers and Stores

Cartogram’s Product Search feature benefits shoppers because it gives them an easy way to find the items they want at the prices they want while giving them directions to the stores where they can buy them.

Stores get to engage shoppers before those shoppers even enter their store.